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Welcome to my humble site. This is where you can get anything you might want to know about myself and my band. So, a little introduction; I'm sixty years old, bald, a little chunky and kinda cranky. I guess that's what happens when you work for the man forty years.
I grew up here in Southern California. As a kid, we spent a lot of our days exploring the local Mojave Desert, sneaking into mine shafts, rock hounding and off roading. My love for the desert made it simple deciding where to settle down.
I started messin' round with the guitar when I was eleven years old. It wasn't the Beatles that got me going, it was The Animals. My cousin Joe, who is a few years older than I, played "When I was Young" for me and I was hooked.
I was going to be a musician. I didn't realized so many of us kids wanted the same. If I had gotten some lessons and direction, maybe, I could have made a life with my guitar.
Today, I'm still struggling to get gigs, sell my music and hire out my little studio; "Skinny Village Recording", while still learning as much as I can. It's a great feeling when you pin down a new lick or work up a different rhythm, keeps me motivated. What else in life do we have?
Feel free to download and share my music. Truly the best compliment an artist could have is knowing their efforts are appreciated.
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